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looking for something fresh. tried watching baccano again, too similar to gungrave. though i enjoyed the first ep, same can be said for rahXephon to neon genesis. i need something fresh, that or darker than black series 2. cross game almost had me in tears first ep, completely unexpected. after that i couldn't continue
You can't watch Rahxephon without making comparisons to Evangelion. I personally think it's a better version of Eva, though, which is why I didn't mind how recycled it felt.

So you want something fresh? I think the Maria Watches Over Us series is one of the more unique shows I've ever seen, mainly because I don't usually watch shows in that genre: a Slice of Life show centered at an all girl's school. Sounds like it would be ripe for fan service and panty jokes, but it's actually a very serious show with some of the most sincere and realistic relationships I've ever seen in an anime.

If you still haven't seen Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood or Gurren Lagann, you should get on those as well,
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