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It's not a technology issue, it's the fact that they've turned RE into something else. Like someone said, RE is about being alone, barely armed, and fearing for your life. It's not about running and gunning with unlimited ammo. I'm not saying the newer games, namely RE5, suck. I'm just saying they aren't RE. Everybody wants better graphics, but you don't have to change the entire way the game is played to do that. Not everyone knows this but the first Devil May Cry was at one point actually going to be RE4 until the developers realized that the game was too different to be RE, but they kept the game and just named it something else. I'm not sure why they didn't do the same with RE5. I would love nothing more than a real "survival-horror" Resident Evil game, there are plenty of other shooters out there.
Fantastic post. I did not know about the Devil May Cry bit. In your opinion, would a Dead Space-type approach be a better balance between action and horror, or would it still be too action oriented? I had a blast most recently playing Condemned, a game where weapons (or, at least guns) are extremely scarce and combat and survival often results in melee or hand-to-hand combat. It made me feel more vulnerable than any other horror game I've played since Amnesia. I think the melee aspects that RE5 touched on could be an interesting way to go if they expanded the melee action options and focused more on resulting to that kind of desperate combat while lessening the amount of gunplay in future RE games. Just a thought, but it could stronger emphasize the horror aspect of the games that seems to be lacking most recently.
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