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The first half of this latest episode was pretty unengaging. The second half certainly grabbed my attention though.
Pretty much how I felt. The first half was again, a lot of necessary setup to get characters where they need to be, etc but it didn't make for the most engaging television. There was a moment with Catelyn waiting at Bran's bedside where I felt the melodrama piling on a bit but I think it was not too long after that point that the episode started on an upswing for me. There was more of a flow in the pacing in the second half and the story starts coming together better. Plus, of course, the direwolves.

I do think this episode was a lot more revealing of the characters though. A lot of them got to open up more and overall, there felt like more room than the carefully assembled pilot for the characters to breathe and develop. Considering the scale of the cast, they're doing a good job of building several of them up at this early stage.

I expect more setup in the next few episodes but hopefully they will be able to handle it more cohesively and make it more involving than the first half of this one.

I'm having a hard time being patient for each episode though. I can't tell if that's because of the show itself or because I know what is to come.

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