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Here's the link to the published version of my review in my column at The Richmond Examiner:

Hopefully this is going to be the end of the line for the series. One film was enough, two was plenty, but five is just absurd. Undoubtedly, there will be several people who will flock to this film just because it has cars zooming back and forth, so at least some people will be pleased with it. But if thatís the case, then thereís not really any need to keep making more of them when there are already four others out there. This is just a really obvious cash grab to distract you from a much simpler answer: relax at home and watch the other entries. 2/4 stars.
This review reads like every other review you write. Based on one concept of what a movie is supposed to be. You do understand that most movies are made as entertainment, eye candy if you will. Of course the ending action scene is totally not based in reality. Who the fuck would want that? I want impossible and so do millions of other people. If they made movies only how you like them, no one would go. They would be boring as shit.

Hey, here is a bit of news for you..... comedies are often not based in reality either and you can't judge it the same was as a drama. Just get a tattoo on your forehead that reads, "I hate the movies you love."

Fast Five is an awesome movie and the best of the series. It is fun and never boring. It is a great escape for two full hours. I look forward to when they release part 6. Fast Five gives you everything you want in a PG style action film. My one issue is the big fight between Vin and The Rock. I want to see the fight and not bit and pieces of body parts. I hate this lazy "style" of shooting action scenes. Ignore the haters, because if you enjoy action, you will enjoy this film every bit as much as millions of other people.
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