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fuck STAR WARS bluray and 3D

I strongly agree Lucas has had his shot of fame at the top and is far now from redeeming himself with the original fans he has lost our respect years agoÖ

Fuck George Lucas he isnít getting one penny for bluray abomination boxset he can chock on what ever money he has left I no longer care about STAR WARS as if that HD will make the slightest bit of difference to picture quality!

Itís the same broken poor colour balance of that crappy 2005 DVD what a con on bluray! You might as well watch it in black & white young star wars kiddie fans because that is not STAR WARS as I saw it in 1977 Ė 1980 and 1983 at cinema in wonderful Dolby Stereo and as for the dtshd master audio 6.1 7th remix what the fuck! Nothing about the box set will be original!

Even episode 1 was extended over the THX laserdisc which was the theatrical release! SIGH Lucas is not worth fucking pot piss!

As for these 3D versions he clearly needs to fucking go to SpecSavers and get a new pair of glasses! STAR WARS was never shot in 3D it was filmed in 2D! We have all read and heard how bad Clash of the Titans was when it was filmed in 2D at the last moment they faked it into 3D and it pissed off a lot of cinema goes!
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