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It sounds decent, probably something I might think about picking up and reading, the trouble would be, the blurb on the back really doesn't tell me how this book is new or different from a ton of others I've looked through. At the end, how you execute the plot is the most important thing, but the plot summary itself sounds decidedly cliche. Again, without having read your book in detail, I am not qualified to say offhand, I'm only saying that the summary is okay.

I would be willing, by the way, to give your book, or some sample chapters thereof (whatever you feel comfortable with) a flip through and offer some advice. I've written short stories/novels before, even published a few on my own website for the world to devour, critisize and insult, so I know how nerve-wracking the process can be. If you'd like me to read over what you wrote, and offer some pointers, shoot me a PM and I'll give you an email address, If not, I understand, and good luck with your work! The world could use more writers who write what they dream.
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