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Man Dies After Planking Stunt

At the moment there is a new craze going on
It started on youtube and facebook where people pull dangerous stunts where they lay on there stomach from great hieghts

At first it was all fun and games but now there has been a terrible accident involving a young man trying to do a planking act on the 7th floor of his building at the time he was blind drunk and lost his balance and fell and killed him self
There have been a couple of VFL footballers doing this act and sending it on facebook and youtube but this was on or near the ground
Peple now are climbing to great hieghts and risking there life to proof there are better than the next person
One person on facebook told fellow plankers to not worry about the death of the man who has just died he was only 20yrs old.

What is happening to this generation of young people are they bored or what
I would really loove your opinion of this

Here are some images of this planking craze which is happening all over the world

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