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Well l have to agree this man did do something really stupid and l bet he was encouraged by his mates to do it
On his facebook account which was shown on last nights news he said he was a action man and enjoyed taking risks
I do feel sorry for his family who would be greiving for this man he was so young and would have had so much going for him.

The problem is that people from all over the world are competing to be the best at planking which l really think is stupid
A man who lives at the same appartment block knew the bloke and couldnt beleive he would do such a thing

IN Australia the goverment are trying to pass a law so police can arrest people for doing these stunts
If they dont do anything we are going to have alot of young people dying

This image is of a simalar act that the man tryed to copy but like l said he was 7 floors up and the rail he was trying to lay on would have held him

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