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Snobbish Musician Thread

A place for all musicians to congregate and discuss what they are working on currently, their equipment, and their inspirations! This applies to Schmoes who belong to a band or any other musical organization, or just those who play an instrument!

I'll start by saying that I just bought an Ibanez grx20 back in February and am still enjoying it! The color's just great too. It has that comic-booky feel as if it would be a guitar played by some cliche hair metal band back in the 80's!

I'm looking for an electric keyboard as well, but that probably won't be coming my way until I'm at least done shooting the film I'm working on. Also, I've gotta say that most musicians in my area are complete egocentric deuchebags! I've been in and out of so many band-related projects that I've just about given up on even entertaining the idea. Anyone else have any better luck?
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