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Yeah it's always been my dream to have a home with some sort of sound proofed room so that i didn't have to worry about disturbing ppl. I've found that ppl are a little less tolerable of someone playing a bass loudly then a guitar since the bass reverberates a lot more.

heh, speaking of reverberation i recall that if i put my amp in the right spot and hit the A on the 5th fret in my dads garage it would make anything that was loose and metal rattle and shimmer, lol.
Basses' reverb is off the wall (as most of your father's tools were soon to be)! An ex-friend used to play bass while I was on guitar, and he'd have it on the lowest notch of the amp shaking bric-a-brac off of tables! If he put it up top-volume, it probably would have went down a lot like the beginning of Back to the Future!
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