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Yes they are stepping up a ban on planking in schools.
There was a incident where a couple of boys were wanting to plank on a netball ring and were stopped from doing this
Why stop them? I say let them do it, and hopefully, they will kill themselves in the process. I am sorry, Bondgirl, I am not a callous person. But I have seen stupidity, and I have seen STUPIDITY. I have no pity for people who go looking for trouble in any size, shape or form. Play with your life by doing ridiculous things, and you will, sooner or later, pay the price. Life is far too precious a commodity. To recklessly play with it is the dumbest thing one can do. If you want to test fate, then go right ahead. But in the process don't involve innocent people at your expense. I despise individuals like this. Tell them to plank on highway over passes. You can guess the rest.
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