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The Hangover Part II - 5/10

Well, I didn't hate it quite as much as most, but it still wasn't very good. My problems with it are a bit different than what most have been complaining about though. The common complaint is that it is structurally the same movie as the first one. Obviously, I wouldn't have objected to them changing up the structure and doing something fresh, but that wasn't the biggest problem. My problems with the movie are that there aren't really any memorable moments and the jokes are poorly written. Jon Lucas and Scott Moore aren't what I would call good writers, but their script for the first Hangover was very good and they took advantage of a really average plot and made the best out of it. They also wrote hilarious characters that all had several memorable moments. Part II, however, was written by Craig Mazin, Scot Armstrong and Todd Phillips and they really seemed to have lost the magic that the first script had. There are funny moments, sure, but there's nothing I'm going to be quoting years down the road with friends. The closest the movie ever comes to that is when Stu sings a song, but I get the feeling that was improvised, or at least improvised before shooting and then incorporated in the script. Also, the characters didn't seem to be themselves, which is something that I think can be attributed to the writing. Obviously if this happened a second time, everyone would be beyond pissed, but the playfulness of the first one is lost and it is replaced with a mean spirit that might sound okay on paper, but ends up just making you wish the characters would go back to being their old selves. Phil is just an asshole, Stu never stops screaming and whining and Alan goes from being the lovable weirdo to being an unlikeable idiot. On the technical side, however, Phillips and co. really captured the sweaty, humid atmosphere of Bangkok and the cinematography is pretty fantastic. I just wish that as much effort went into the script.

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