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FF IV for the PsP. It's on my amazon wishlist at the moment but as I said before I'm not sure if it's worth it for a game I've already played probably 10 times through.
It's not just FFIV. It's FFIV, The After Years (the games that had been released on the Wii Virtual Console in parts) and some kind of game that takes place in between. I have it and am still playing IV just to remind me of what happened before I move on to the next segment. It's probably worth looking into. Even if you know IV like the back of your hand, you can still check out the After Years, which I've heard was pretty sick.

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P.S. I love FF VIII and XIII. Darth Kenshin, you are my FF Nemesis, lol
Haha, sorry. My main thing with video games is that, since they're games, they're supposed to be fun. XIII looked beautiful, and although the story and characters were very cliche, it didn't really bother me all THAT much (except Vanille, who I hated). But it just wasn't fun to play. I hated how few options we had for most of the game. I hated that even our party was selected for us for much of the beginning, forcing me to use characters I would never otherwise use. It just wasn't fun to me.

As for VIII, I think I'm in the minority there. My biggest problems were the junction system, which I didn't like, and the characters. Squall was just way too emo for me (I tend to like the more light-hearted characters, like Locke, Zidane, Balthier, or Zack) and he also wasn't that interesting (like Cloud or Cecil). In fact, other than Quistis, I hated that entire cast. But I know a lot of people have learned to love it over the years. Basically, I keep hearing how it was "disappointing" following the majesty of VI and VII, but in retrospect, it's not a bad game. Maybe I'll go back and give it another shot at some point. I tried twice and it didn't grab me, but maybe the third time will be a charm.
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