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No! No! No,no no no no no no no NO! I need Heath Ledger to rise from the dead and do his Joker and fuck up Lucas like he did the mob.

Fuck George Lucas! I officially hate you. I grew up watching Star Wars. I went to all the original screenings of all 6 Star Wars. I watched Star Wars episode 4 litterally 200 times growing up, because back in the 80's when Star Wars was first on HBO, it was on like everyday, three times a day and I watched it each time. I watched the very first digital screening of Episode 1 when it was in only 3 theaters in the whole world (Winnetka, CA) and fuck did it look bright and clear! I was at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood for a Friday night 8 pm showing of Episode 4 when it was redone with all the special effects and new shit. I owned it when it was on a record and 8 track (I shit you not). I bought it when it was on VHS and DVD. I enjoyed the prequels. I am a Star Wars man.

I WILL NOT BE GOING TO SEE THEM IN 3D AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! I am totally 100% for someone making money and capitalism, but this is totally out of hand. George Lucas has enough money and there is no need to fleece people anymore. I want these 3D showings to fail. Go pay for another 3D movie showing and go into the Star Wars theater if you have to, but please for the love of movies, do not give this man one more cent of your money.

It is even a joke he is going to start with episode 1, which is considered the worst of the 6. George you fucking hack, James Cameron is the king and you are second class. Go spent some of the money you made on the last triology and make a new triology. Give us something new mother fucker!
After I read your long post, I still don't get your point. You are so antagonistic to 3D just because the new effect will ruin the old feelings? I really doubt that.
Frankly speaking, Star Wars are great, but the old time screen technology and pictures are really poor. With better pics the story will be better streamed too.
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