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Question For Guys Only (sexually explicit content)

This subject could easily be slotted into the sex or the porn thread. But I felt it needed it's own ground for discussion. Before reading any further, please note that this is a mature conversation. Not an excuse to talk dirty or be disgusting just for the sake of being filthy minded. But due to the very nature of this thread, I feel that some may not be able to control themselves.

Fellatio is the subject for discussion here. But more to the point. How the guys like it done. I have listed 4 options below. They may serve as the main guidelines, and you may elaborate on them.

A. Lying down on the job. This option is whereby males prefer to be lying on their back when their partner performs fellatio on them. Ideally. The traditional 69er can come into play here. But it always isn't the case.

B. Sitting down on the job. This option is when the male is sitting down or seated, and their partner performs fellatio on them. This can be great for when you just want to relax. maybe have a beer. And your mate is pleasuring you and enjoying themselves at the same time.

C. Getting the job done while standing erect. You are standing up while your partner is performing fellatio on you. Not the best if you have weak knees. But nevertheless, this is good when you are strong enough to stand tall while being pleasured by your mate.

D. Freestyle. This is a combination of all of the above. Good variety here. And everyone has their favs.

So, which if any do you prefer? Of course, the girls may get involved in this topic if they so wish. I realize this is very adult material here. But I have seen better and worse on the forums. If the moderators feel it's too much, then by all means, lock it up.

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