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Bondgirl's kinda pulling one on us with spelling and stuff so that's one thing. In your case, every time you've posted something and it's been greeted with anything less than applause and adoration you've feigned offense and posted at length about how poorly you're being treated or threatening to leave. When you make things all about you it doesn't endear you to people. Plenty of people are popular here, but they don't get there by talking about themselves (re: AJ Hakari in this very thread). While you certainly have been victim to some things, you've also played victim when no one was coming at you. Just roll with it and don't make it about you and you'll be fine.

I think basketball, played well, is the most beautiful thing.

I love how kids are totally attempting to be 'with' it.

Sexism is totally rife in these here forums, and honestly, the ladyfolk do themselves a disservice by being all 'sexy' and evasive.

It's about movies you daft flirtatious cunts!
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