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"The Blair Witch Project (Glow in the Dark Handprint Cover)"

Purchased this more so with it as a collector's item in mind, but was pleasantly surprised to see that it was far less a shameless cash-in as the amateurish Blair Witch novel series. The glow in the dark cover is perfectly fitting for such an unsettling film experience, which is rather misleading considering the cartoonish quality of the interior artwork. Not to say that the illustrations inside weren't well done, and a few panels even surprised me with a trick or two I didn't suspect to see up their sleeve. I almost purchased this one autographed, but never having heard of the artist before and the fact that the signed copy was double the price I decided to pass this time around. Oh, and it came with a nifty Certificate of Authenticity. As Anchor Ron Burgundy would say, neat-o, gang!

Overall Rating: 3/4
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