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I LOVE the 80s. Especially the first half (80-85). Ultravox is my favorite band of that era.


Ultravox-Dancing with Tears in my Eyes

Ultravox-Rage In Eden

Ultravox-I Remember (Death In The Afternoon)

Ultravox-When The Scream Subsides

Ultravox-Visions In Blue

Ultravox-The Song (We Go)

Okay, I'll stop there. That just barely scratches the surface of their greatness.

Here are some other great ones from the 80s...

Peter Godwin-Images of Heaven

Spandau Ballet-To Cut A Long Story Short

The Cure-The Same Deep Water As You

The Cure-Just Like Heaven

Depeche Mode-Stripped

Depeche Mode-A Question of Lust

I could post so many more, but I think I've posted more than enough already so I'll leave it at this...
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