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Man kept Fighting After His Eye Fell Out

I know the titile of this thread will make you think
What the hell
But this did happen to a man who was fighting two men he was gl;assed in the eye by one of the buggers

it is sad that you cant go into a night club with having to come out fighting for your life

Where has the times gone where men fought one on one with there fists
This is such a cowards way of fighting

I think Australia is getting worse in having to put up with this type of thing and you always hear alot of people saying they are scared to go out because of all this voliece

There have been times when not only two men fight but a whole gangs fighting with machetes knifes or even knuclke busters

Just because men these days can not handle there grog they go around bashing each other
Even some women are the same where they cant just enjoy themselves

Anyway l would love your opinion on this subject
Plus have you ever had to put up with someone wanting to hurt you in other way
I know in my town we have a few Pubs and clubs and the things what happen there is terrible
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