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So you think Death Proof is not a well-made film? All I was saying is...reducing films to some impression of thematic subject material is a mistake and doesn't at all consider the ways in which the filmmaker goes about constructing and shaping the ideas, which is part of what we call "artistry". How little is conveyed of NCFOM's fine storytelling and cinematic qualities by referring to No Country For Old Men as "that film where a psycho killer chases people and kills them".
I changed up my numbers thing because I just woke up and figured it was too vague, but you caught it before I edited myself. What I was getting at is that, by ambiguously muddling your criteria in various arguments in an attempt to get to the solution you want you have created these silly nonsensical arguments. For example going from your pedantic argument where content meets form, to the second vernacular one where suddenly content seems unimportant. Comparing Death Proof favorably to Magnolia requires just what the proof is: Twisting your terms enough times until you can show that 1=2. You can maybe convince yourself but it is just obviously intuitively untrue.

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