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Two months ago my dog of 13 years was put down after being mauled by the dog from next door. And the worst thing about it was that it was the third time that it happened. This time it just happened to be so bad that she had to be put down. I was very wary about the dog next door, because our house basically doesn't have a fence seperating the front and back yards, she is free to walk where she pleases and when my mother is out, she sits out the front on the driveway and waits for her to come home. She does this for hours. Even though I spend most of my time in my room, every time I left my room I made sure I knew where she was. If she was outside, I'd pick her up and bring her in a and close the doors.
Unfortunately the last time she was attacked by the next door dog I was out of town. I'm certain that if I was home it wouldn't have happened. After the second time the dog was attacked I spoke to the next door neighbour, things got heated but stayed civil. When my mother heard about it, she was angry at me for stirring things up. She likes to keep things civil, always smiling at the worst of people. Even when she saw the neighbours (who still maintain that it is our fault our dog was attacked by their dog) she'd say hello and smile and they would ignore her. It wasn't until after our fucking dog died that she said it was her fault for not being more assertive and worrying what the neighbours thought of her, I personally think she said that make it sound as if she was the victim and to get a response from me (aka "no no, don't be so hard on yourself.") But you know what? It was her fucking fault, I told her after the second attack that I would open and close the gate every time she left/entered the house so that our dog wouldn't' run out the front, but she didn't like the inconvenience. I loved that dog, she was my best friend, in the last couple of weeks of her life she actually slept in my room at night. I came home from work one night to find that my mum had moved her bed into my room because she basically lived here anyway.
That neighbor should be fucking sued for having an animal that so easily can attack another animal like that and isn't even leashed!
And yeah, your mom was right, she wussed out and prioritized how other people thought about her over the safety and well-being of her pet.

I'm sorry about your dog. I know how it feels to lose a furry friend.
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