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yes it is terrible when you lose a pet you have had for yrs

Well the first one l lost was a kelpie cross it was so full of life and Cindy would always be with you anywhere you would go

But as she approached 17yrs old she became very sick and we had to put her down

it was so hard seeing her in the vet having the needle to put her asleep but when you think of it you dont want a pet to suffer if they are in pain and if you cant make it well it is better to put them down

Well the most recent dog we have lost is a Black Lab called tess she was full of life and a great freind

She got cancer of the stomach and the cancer was the size of a football you couldnt remove it because it had grown too big

This was so upseting to us and in the end she had a needle to put her asllep but before she had it she sat up and looked at us we were all crying at the thought of waht we were doing

Anyway we left the vets to find a angel which was next to the car and we took it thinking this was a bleesing from God that she was still near

We put a photo of her so we could remeber her and put that angel right next to it
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