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Ok, someone comes along and highlights information from an article you posted that should actually offset the conclusion you derived from it, and the scientists are the ones who are prideful and fearful of being wrong? It wasn't just tacked on there, either. It was a big chunk of the article.

I think I'm going to argue with the UPS man tomorrow about better ways to deliver a box, because it's my human instinct.
I could have sworn that we've been told for the last 8 years that everything was "heating up". Now... They're claiming that temps were actually flat.

This "cancelled part of the greenhouse gas warming of the period 2000-2008, causing the net global surface temperature to remain approximately flat -- and leading to the big debate of why the Earth hadn't (been) warming in the past decade," Lean, who was not involved in the three studies presented, said in an email to AFP.
So now... it's "Ok, things actually were not warming up then... But now it's still going to warm up!".

I'm not expert at all but we've been beat over the head by people telling us that it's been heating up the last decade and now these guys are telling us something different. If I'm understanding something wrong, feel free to point it out to me.

The original post was more sarcasm than anything. I honestly don't believe they truly know what's going on.

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