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uh huh

Originally posted by Criminal Rock: In order for the icecaps to melt the overall oceanic temperature would have to be steadily getting WARMER in the first place, which would mean the air itself would also have to be getting WARMER in order for the oceans to WARM.
So what you're trying to say is that once things are WARM, they can only get WARMER, because the simple fact that it is WARM indicates that there is simply no reversal of this process... Or so it sounds. Undoubtedly meant to sound snarky, but the shit cold weather I'm experiencing in Ohio in the middle of June would like a word with you... (not to say it's being caused by any kind of crazy natural phenomenon). Or perhaps you were speaking more in terms of geological time, in which case, I don't think anybody here need concern themselves too much.

Originally posted by Criminal Rock: Also, the whole global warming causes global cooling is a theory which suggests that when the icecaps melt, fresh water is introduced into the salty oceans and would sink to the bottom where the underwater currents would stop or change direction due to the huge volumes of fresh water blocking the currents flow, which in turn alters atmospheric weather patterns and all that crazy shit.
Also, I'm not entirely sure whose theory this is, but it seemingly ignores the fact that salt water is heavier (due to the salt) than fresh water.
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