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I love board games and card games. Great way to hang out with people with something to do and still socialize and talk although I don't get a lot of chances to do the board game thing nowadays. I think it (or poker) happens once every couple months.

That said, a lot of the "classic" board games don't have as much appeal to me anymore. The worst board game ever has gotta be LIFE. Complete and utter random chance, with no actual playing involved. Certainly not like life in any way. I feel a similar way on Monopoly though I played that a lot when I was younger. Just too much chance involved - I don't mind some chance and games with light strategy, but when the game basically comes down to rolling a die to see what you get, there's not enough involved.

Clue was my favourite board game for the longest time. I love the deducing nature of the game although I know a lot of it comes down to how detailed you write your notes out. I also like Masterpiece although it's another game with a lot of chance involved - the auction element can be kind of fun though. Stratego is also a pretty fun game though I have to admit I always sucked at it. Scrabble tended to bore me when I was a kid but I like it a little bit more nowadays. Still not the most exciting game. I enjoyed the few times I've played Scotland Yard but it's a bit too much of a challenge to hang out and play at the same time. Does anyone remember the game Nightmare/Atmosfear? I haven't played it in well over a decade and I barely remember it but I always thought it was awesome as a kid having the interaction with the video with the Gatekeeper speaking to you.

Of all the classic board games, Risk is probably the one that has lasted the most for me. I haven't played it in a few years but it's fairly easy to get into and understand, and it's just a lot of fun accumulating up your armies and going on war blitzes though it usually ends in a kamikaze move a few hours in as everyone gets tired of it. I think a lot of board game players prefer Axis & Allies but I played that twice and I think it veers in the opposite direction - being too strategic (and ridiculously complicated to learn) to the point where it's just not as fun a game for me to play with people and hang out.

I think it's fairly universally agreed upon that the best board games in the world by far are made by the Germans. Catan is the entry-level game (i.e. the German game that everyone tries first) but it's one of the best. Just great balance, and it's strategic without being particularly difficult to grasp. I bought Power Grid on a random whim once and it's a great economics game but too complicated again for just pure fun. It would probably be great if you had a bunch of players who were intensely into it I guess. I've been meaning to dabble into other German games but we don't play board games often enough for me to have explored a lot more. I did get Ra for iOS and I fucking love it - a great strategy game that is very easy to learn though it's almost more like a customized card/tile game with its own points system than a full out board game (kind of like a better version of Briscola). I'm definitely gonna pick up an actual copy of this game at some point.

Oh and I know it's not really a board game, but JENGA tops everything else for me. Especially abstract JENGA when people are piss drunk. I've got the Donkey Kong/Jumpman (Mario) edition although I think nothing is better than classic JENGA.

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