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Rough Sex

Hey. Since we've already got threads about getting head, dick size, and pubic hair (among other things), I figured why not just cut to the chase and start a thread about rough sex.

What do you all think of rough sex?

Personally, I believe there are two things a couple can do in bed: make love, or fuck (which shall be referred to as "rough sex" from here on as I prefer that to "fucking").
Making love can be wonderful...and in fact can be better than rough sex...BUT...sometimes there's nothing like you and your partner just getting down and dirty and going at it like a pair of rabid animals tearing each other's throats out.
AND now here's where it gets interesting: sometimes 'making love' and 'rough sex' can be combined into one unruly hybrid animal...and THAT'S when things really get interesting.


P.S. - Let's hear from the men AND the ladies okay?
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