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I'm a big Bret Easton Ellis fan, and personally my favorite is Glamorama. Think of it as one part American Psycho, one part Zoolander, and one part Hitchcock. It's very underrated and to me, ranks in his top 2. I also really enjoyed Lunar Park.

One of my favorite books that I've recently read was Under the Dome by Stephen King. Don't be afraid of the length, this story FLYS by, and just begs to be made into an HBO miniseries. You will not be able to put this baby down! What would you do if your small town was suddenly trapped within in inpenetrable, invisible, dome?

How about some mind craziness? House of Leaves, just try and read that baby. God it makes my head hurt just thinking about the summer I spent with that thing!

In the mood for shorter unrelated stories? Check out the Books of Blood Omnibus by Clive Barker! Really cool and imaginitive short stories. If you aren't a fan of the Hellraiser films or Candyman, etc associated with Clive's name, don't shy away! These stories are very well written and very imaginitive. The short length also helps!

How about some straight up goofy fun? Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was a great read for me! Catch it before the movie spoils all the fun of it! It's not as pretentious as you think it would be, it's great!
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