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It's really no different than conservatives who shove religion down everyone's throat and think science should be ignored, because THEY are the crazy ones.
There is a lot of corruption on both sides. The bottomline for us is that for the most part we just got to get by the best we can in a system built on greed. Really, what happens is both side expose each other, but most people just pick a side. For the most part it works in the concept of us need a good guy vs. the bad guy mentality.

Politics is about money and power and both sides fight over it. As long as there is money there will be greed. Liberals might "mean well" a little bit more, but the greed is clearly there as well. Control is an issue also. Of course Science shouldn't be ignored. But a lot of it needs funding also... When you got millions and billions of bucks going around people get corrupted. It's human nature. Money is security to us.

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