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So you think it's mostly political wrangling? Environmentalism vs. Oil. It's possible. I've never been into politics myself. Never have. Never voted or backed any politician... But when you start talking about the end of us being near, I obviously start to look more closely. Before, I always looked at politics as wrangling. Notice that I almost never post in the politics section. There has been a reason for that.

From what I gather from the "believers" is that the CO2 gets caught up in the air and works somewhat like a blanket of some sort,and it traps heat and sends it back down toward the ground. I slept during science, so you can correct me if you wish.

From the other side, it seems that they say it's totally harmless and we should eat, drink and be merry and of course use our computers, cars, and cell phones as much as we want/can.

One thing is for sure, liberals are fired up. If I had to classify myself, I'd be more of a liberal at heart... But sometimes liberals can be more passionate and sometimes irrational. Liberals can be forceful, and that doesn't go well with most people. When you talk down to people they almost never listen, and sometimes Liberals can be their own worst enemy because of that. I see some of it happening right now on this very issue. The liberal/environmentalist know everything, and if you don't agree, then you're a clueless idiot. Naturally, this fails to change any viewpoints.

I don't know man, are you asking my views on politics in general or what I know about global warming. I'm not digging much into the science, because I can see first-hand the effects of consumption habits. To me, it's instinctive to believe we should make the most sustainable products possible. I don't know if the two sides are as clear as you are making it out to be.

I'm not following the stereotyping on liberals thing so much. Everyone talks down to me.
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