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finished reading book 14 which i believe ends with issue #84 and i am still liking the series for the most part.

What i didn't like in the recent story was Rick hooking up with Jessie only to have her get killed off in the next issue or two. I understand why its there, its set up for certain scenes, but i feel that if this had happened say 50 or so issues ago there would have been a lot more to the relationship even if it still turned out the same way.

What i'm saying is it seems that Kirkman isn't putting as much effort into the supporting cast to make me care for them these days so that when they die it seems like a waste or something.

Even the bit between Carl and Ron, about their dads, i felt was pretty irrelevant once things were all said and done and yet it could have been much more fleshed out (sort of like how long it took the Ben & Billy situation to come to a head) had it been done earlier in the series.
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