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I get pretty lazy with my hygiene if I'm not leaving my house. I mean, if I go out I always take a shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair, ect. But if I'm not going out anywhere then I sometimes skip that stuff.

I drink way too much soda. I need to loose weight which I plan on doing. I will never give soda up completely but I definitely need to lower my soda intake.
I need to drink less soda too.

Other bad habits include...

1. Stalking single women
2. Sneaking into people's homes
3. Driving 130 mph
4. Throwing cats at passing cars
5. Getting married to 16 year olds
6. Gambling away my parent's money
7. Offering wrong directions
8. Doing cocaine at church
9. Calling in false crimes to the police
10. Making up bad habits
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