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Doctors who give too much much meds and not a proper medical opinion

Well l am starting this thread because of what is happening to my step father right now.

At first he was told he had the flu which turned into Pneumonia and was quite bad alot of australians at the moment are suffering with this even well known celebs have even gone into hospitol

Well the doctor gave him meds for it so well we thought that would clear it up but it didnt then he was told to have blood tests which he did now he has blood posioning which has made him feel terrible and very sick so yes he was on meds for this

He also has the runs which is runny poo well that has continued for around two weeks and now blood which is alot is the only thing that is coming out.

he can barely walk now and he is off to the same doctor which we have all said is a fool but off he goes and l am not sure what is going to happen next he wanted to call a amblance last night because the bleeding wouldnt stop maybe he should have gone

What my point is why didnt this doctor send him to a specialist instead of just thinking meds would clear this up

Sometimes you wonder if a doctor gets there degeee just for the money instead of caring for there patients
I was also wondering if anyone has been treated or given the run arround by there doctors it would be interesting to see if we are in the same boat as other people

I am really worried this thing he has which the doctor does not know what it is will kill him

My mum is in a mess and is so worried that she will lose her husband through all this
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