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Old 06-29-2011, 11:23 PM
Bad habits.....I dont consider any of my habits to be "bad". They're just habits.

Honestly, they're all more OCD things then habits.

I clean my nasal passages often. It's not so much that I pick them, but that for whatever reason they are really sensitive and I can feel, I can actually feel something in there, and I gotta get it out or it will drive me crazy. And sometimes, like when I'm at work, I can't right away and it will start hurting. My nose will start hurting inside cause I have a booger or whatever you want to call it in there bugging me. Part of the problem is I have allergies, so I sneeze often, and when I do, then my nose dries back up and bam, boogs.

I clean my fingernails often. I keep them trimmed short, but I still clean underneath them with a file often. I also keep them sanded down so they are nice and smooth and have no sharp edges. Most of this came about back when I was a cook and my hands reeked of garlic and onions all the time, most importantly my fingernails. I can honestly admit that out of every man I know, I have the nicest looking fingernails. My hands are beat to shit, because I've worked since I was 13 years old and they have lots of wear and tear, but my nails are nice. I do the same with toenails too. Always trimmed and smooth and clean.

Along with my nose, I clean my ears out often. Every crevice and area possible. I think I do it because it actually feels good more then anything. Plus I'm obsessed with having dry skin or something flake off of my ear and on to my shirt and then people mistake it for dandruff. Also, with my ears cleaned out, I can hear really well.
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