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Once again, you do not surprise me. Judging every film the same old way. To me, you brand of movie reviewing is 25 years too old. Why not join us in the 21st century and understand what the term eye candy is?

While I have no doubt you saw this movie, I have to wonder if you did not walk in and out to go to the bathroom.

Maybe all those great actors wanted to be part of a fun film and the movie is called Transformers. With a title like that, how big a role did you think they should get?

Bland CGI???? That is just hitting below the belt. ILM did an awesome job. Too bad you are too bland to notice and give credit where credit is due.

"Also making it really hard to care were the flat characters and the complete lack of character development" You make me laugh. What did you think you were going to see? Roots? You are not supposed to care. Just watch all the fighting and explosions and enjoy.

I don't care how I come off. My opinion is that you judge all movies on the same standard and that is wrong.
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