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Well the tests for cancer have came through and they are clear Thank you god for that
Xrays are clear too

But they still do not know what is causing the bleeding and the terrible sickness
The doctors have put him in the contagious ward where you have to wash your hands with this medical stuff and you can not tonch any of the furnture or bedding or the person infected
The doctor asked my step father who he had contact with in the last couple of days

Well l have been in contact my mum also my daughter
We have not come down with what he has but we all suffered the same flu which lasted for six weeks
We all got it twice

He had pains in the chest and stomach and you see l was the first one to get the flu and passed it on to everyone else we all got over it and he didnr but he has got something else with it

Which has posioned his blood and now his skin and bone and now he skin has tuened to yellow

I am not sure whether this is a sign of the kidneys shutting down but we will proberly hear more about this tonight
he is still suffering bad

Side note

before l went to work yesterday l got a phone call from this ladty and she said she had smashed into my mums car
Geez l screamed down that phone and asked if mum was alright and she said she was and she was only calling to give her details so we can go through the insurance company to get the car fixed meanig my mums car

My boss said to me yesterday that things happen in threes

I said to him to be quite l just want everything to go back to normal hopefully that will be soon
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