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Attachment: What my hair usually looks like, razor-thinned as much as humanly possibly and bangs sideswooshed to the left (being right-handed this makes it the easiest to straighten). I usually let it grow until it's shoulder length and unmanageable before getting it thinned/cut again.

Future Plans: I too dye my hair quite frequently (I try to regulate it at once every 3-4 months), having done purple, black, and red. I'm going to dye it purple within the next few weeks and get it razor-thinned/styled at the end of summer for when schooling picks back up. It's been my goal the last year to get my hair around this length:

But hairdressers around here don't seem to understand the concept of "thin it as much as possible, but please try to keep as much length as you can." Maybe I'm just being picky. That's the goal, anyways!

PS: I never realized we had this many cute girls on JoBlo!
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