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Wow. I'm so sorry for you loss....and everyone else's.

This is meant to be no offense to the OP (Count), but fuck this thread. Why I clicked on it, who knows. While reading all of these tragic stories, my cat Midnight (a black Persian) jumped up on my bed and laid right next to me, bathing and purring. All I could think of is how horrible it's gonna be when he's gone (he's around 10 years old). He literally runs the house that contains 2 cats, 2 dogs, and...well....a bird that just died the other day (a cockatiel....a very annoying cockatiel). The last pet that died was my bearded dragon that I had for about 6 years. Out of nowhere, her health just completely diminished. She couldn't eat anything, even when force feeding her via a syringe. Her body was cold as ice and I kept bathing her in warm water to keep her body temp up. After doing this for over 3 hours, she died right in my hands.

I later buried her right outside in the back by the pool. We planted a flower just above where she is buried and that flower blossomed beautifully.

I hate this thread.
I hate that I could post in it. Sucks.
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