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Nice try, but pulling your pants up would fall under etiquette training, and you don't seem to disagree with the comment about language, vocabulary skills, and the need for a makeover.

Your understanding of disparate cultural understanding seems a bit limited by the way you are responding throughout this thread, and my point remains that it appears to me that you think if someone is unaware of, or has been taught to not understand how people should dress in a court of law, that they are guilty of murder.

That's okay. It's your prerogative, but don't be surprised that when you start mentioning such things outside you're world, your met with disagreement. You should be more thankful that people such as myself treat it as a joke instead of treating it as part of the underbelly of society that leads to the breeding of ignorance and fear.

Hey SkyNet, this is top super secret, but check out my legal team:


That's right, mofo. I always walk. 15 dead hookers be damned! The eyewitnesses should not have worn hoochie skirts to testify.

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