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Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps -N/A
So bad. I turned it off after like half an hour. What the hell happened to Oliver Stone?
I'm telling you; ever since he stopped working with Bob Richardson, his movies have dropped in quality, HARD. I didn't turn Wall Street 2 off, but I definitely found it boring, uninspired and complete pointless.

Last night I watched:

Mother (Bong Joon-Ho, 2010) - Wow. Lately, South Korea has emerged as one of the leading sources of quality world cinema. Its slew of new auteurs are all master manipulators of image and human emotion, and all Korean films interestingly have one thing in common: they bend (and break) genre conventions like twigs. Mother is sometimes a hilarious comedy; sometimes a harrowing human drama; sometimes a mystery crime thriller. For most of its runtime it is a very unique take on the classic detective story, both adhering to and providing fascinating variations on the genre conventions. However, in its last act, it takes a shocking turn that really elevates it into incredibly poignant, heartbreaking territory. Incredible work.

RATING: 8/10.