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Maybe 10 years ago, I had computer access at work and was bored one night -- started looking up information about the 82 references in Magnolia.

Along the way, I discovered there was a #82 mason lodge in Magnolia, Arkansas. I thought that was funny, so I submitted it to the IMDb trivia, but still felt there was more discussion to be had. I'd always talked about movies more than my friends, and even in film classes, always wanted to analyze more than my peers.

Being aware of the IMDb forums, I started to wonder if there were other sites that had the same service, but with a better level of conversation and good sense -- hopefully more intelligence and less trolling. (a term I didn't even know at the time) Figuring since I was at work and bored, it made sense to seek out some likeminded folks.

Doing some searching, I believe actually using Dogpile (if anyone remembers that one) I happened upon these forums and started checking out the posts. Everyone seemed to have their heads on and had a lot to offer, so I registered using two words that I was seeing being the computer monitor. Way too many posts, way too much down time at work, dozens of requests to join other forums, lots of eMeeting interesting personalities, a couple tweeks on my user to keep up to date, and so much history.

Thought this might be a fun thread to bump with all the new schmoes since the day this thread went inactive.

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