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Right... but I never ever said that! I said I base my decisions on the evidence. If a dude is innocent, no matter how he dresses, than the evidence will show he is innocent. If a person is guilty, no matter how they dress, the evidence will show they are guilty.

I would never in a million years send a person to jail who was clearly innocent of the crime they had been charged with, perhaps that is something I thought was blatantly obvious, but wasn't.

Lets just boil this down to: Wannabe Thugs annoy the fuck out of me, whether they commit crimes or not, but not all wannabe thugs commit crimes. But that trait in people does annoy me.. that is all!

If i am ever on a jury again, as with the time i was on the jury the first time, I will judge the case based on the evidence that was present, which was always the case! Wherever it seemed i said I would send up lil bobby for murder 1 because he wore a Doo Rag on his head, must have been a break down in here that I will take full responsibility for!

I hear you dude, and never for a second thought you were one of those types. It just seems important to present yourself properly and it might have come off like you were sending the wrong message, hence some of the responses you were getting.
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