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Come on, the dude's not exactly a spring chicken anymore. Even in his prime he was about 40.

I honestly haven't been able to bring myself to watch any of his STV output. A friend of mine watches them all and had nothing good to say - and we are both big Seagal fans. The only one I did see was Into the Sun, and that was based on its awesomely rad box art. It was pretty horrible. The plot made no sense at all.

But in his prime... that was some good shit. Out for Justice is still one of my all time favorite movies.
Right, his 3 word combo series was ace for 80s action. He was a neat twist on a lot of the action stars of the time, since most of his fighting was defensive, followed by debilitating bone breaking. He hardly ever threw punches. It was inspiring for many people without the energy to go into rage a la Sly. So much could be dealt with by breaking legs. Waiter tries to stop you to pay the bill: why-yak! Thud! It's done. You gotcha salad for free!
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