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are you reluctant to share how you found the boards, or is it just not that interesting? Even if you don't think it's that interesting, I'd like to read about it - as well with others. Like I mentioned before, that was my whole reasoning for bumping the thread.
Sorry. I have actually been lurking daily on this forum since 2001 (i should have joined then). Then I would have been a member for 10 years instead of 5 years. If I had known back then what I do now. That all of you are a bunch of movie-geek knuckle-heads, who I have come to not only respect, but thoroughly enjoy being amongst, I would be a long term member. Luv all you Schmoes and Schmoettes. All of you guys seriously rock. I mean that.

Now to your question. I used to collect movie wallpapers. And I googled for some. JB's name was first for some reason. I spent many years in the movie wallpaper section on this awesome site. I would then scope out the forums and see what was cookin'. Then after 5 years (still can't believe I took that long), I took the plunge and registered. I felt very out of place among all you guys and gals for the longest time. Only recently have I felt truly at home here. Since then I have never really looked back.

By the way. Just so you all know, I am a female, not a guy...
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