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What makes you say that? Does adding a few norweigens make it a prequel if the rest is the same?
Here you go. Have a read, dude. I can't explain it like this....

This film will actually serve as a prequel to the 1982 movie The Thing, as the film will detail the events that took place in the Norwegian camp from that film. According to the screenwriter, painstaking care has been taken to assure that the prequel will take into account all the details about the Norwegians and their camp as seen in the original movie. The movie will end where the original film begins. However, other sources say that this movie will also continue where the original story ended.

The reason the movie has the same title as the first film is because the filmmakers felt that adding a subtitle such as "The Thing: Begins", "The Thing: Origins" and so forth, did not sound as reverential as just simply naming it "The Thing". If you look up any of the proposed and existing "Thing" projects they all have "The Thing" as their title. Unfortunately, this confuses a lot of the public audience, but that's the title Universal wants.

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