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Leo as Candie is also another disappointment. I don't find Leo to be the great actor people make him out to be. More often than not his range is defined by how aggressive he squints at any given scene. Again, he lacks charisma and his take on "acting" more often than not boils down to playing everything "more intensely".

Leo is also simply too young for Candie. It should have gone to someone like Kevin Costner. There was a great brother-like relationship between Candi and Stephen in the script, now he'll have to rewrite it to be more of a father-son thing.

All in all, i'm sure they will turn out ok... it just sucks knowing that the two leads could have been so much better. At least we still have Jackson and Waltz.

Bam. Called it...

... granted he isn't playing Candi (he is playing the sadistic henchman to Candi, his right hand man), it still counts! I knew he was going to get Costner for a project after scheduling issues got in the way of Costner playing Bill in Kill Bill (originally he wanted Warren Beatty, then Costner, then Carradine)
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