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Just finished:

Not only is this series a great Star Wars story its written so well that it's a great sci-fi story in general.
I loved that trilogy when I was younger. I think I read them all twice. I read them again about 10 years ago, and wasn't as impressed.
What really got on my nerves (I do still like the story, and it would make an excellent transfer to film, methinks) was how in the middle of a fucking battle there's a three page slice of dialogue of one of the characters saying, "OK, you go over there and distract them as I shoot at the turret. Mara, head over that way and get behind them and do this, and I will do that while so-and-so does whatever....." I'm like "Oh come on! They're in the middle of a firefight! No way in HELL they could say all this without having their asses handed to them!"


Another issue I had was about cloaking devices. I might have my facts muddled now, but I recall one of the major plot devices being an armada of cloaked ships. As if this was unheard of.
Well, in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK a throwaway line when the Millenium Falcon disappeared and attached itself to the trash bin on the starship, the XO says "No ship that small has a cloaking device!"

I was always a little confused about Zahn missing that fact. If I happened to have my facts straight.

There was one other glaring issue I had similar to that, but I don't remember now. I might be wrong about that, too.

But after seeing this, it makes me want to read them again lol

In other news...

I read Stephen King's FULL DARK, NO STARS.
It's perhaps the worst book I've ever read by King. Next to BLACK HOUSE, maybe. I would have stopped reading it, but since I've read all his stuff, I felt a kind of obligation to finish it.
I didn't like any of the stories. First, each story contains paragraphs and paragraphs of words that really say nothing. What can literally be explained in JUST AS MUCH DETAIL in one sentence, or maybe a paragraph is instead rambled extensively over several paragraphs. Annoying.
Also, each of these stories were predictable as hell. They brought nothing original into play, making the excessive repetition of exposition that much more frustrating to get through. There wasn't even an interesting STORY to make up for the rambling narrative.

In the afterward, King says something to the effect of "I know these must have been difficult for many of you to get through". He was referencing the dark material - but for me, I had to nod because it was so not-interesting and just plain BORING!
I especially hated the second story. Jack Ketchum wrote a whole novel (GIRL NEXT DOOR) very similar in concept, and Richard Laymon did his own novella which was almost exactly the same - each time I was not turned off by the subject matter as much as I was offended by the idea that writing such stuff is expected to get a rise out of the reader. The least guilty of the three is Ketchum's GIRL NEXT DOOR, because he was so appalled by the real-life events that he felt he needed to write about it as a way of shirking off the disgusted feelings he got knowing that people like that exist in the real world.
The most guilty party is Richard Laymon, because after reading 6 of his books I came to realize how he wants to have submissive women that will fulfill all his perverted sexual fantasies - and he tried to justify these desires through his stories in the guise of female empowerment by the main characters in many of his novels. It's sad, really. Too often you'd read about a woman "taking control of the evil bad guy" by giving him amazing sex and doing dirty acts to take him off guard... yawn.

Mr. King I'm sure has probably read at least ONE of those stories, so I don't know why the thought he had anything new to bring to the table. After reading the story, I realized he didn't.

I also read A STORM OF SWORDS a few weeks ago.
I liked it quite a bit.

Phew. I just wrote my own novel!

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