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I'm not sure how credible that employee is. I heard directly from an employee that the next one would be in November. He said that Barnes and Noble singed a deal with criterion to do 2 sales a year, and that the next one would be in November. You might be out of luck =/
And from the looks of it, you bought a shitload of Criterion movies lol. Criterion is worth every penny though. I'm getting my final batch wednesday. 4-5 left.
Yeah...I purchased a lot with this sale. It's actually the first time I've ever taken advantage of the B&N sale. I'll still likely buy a couple come November, if that's when the next sale is going to be. But, if it does happen to come in February, I might actually be able to finish up the entire collection at once as I need about 30 total left to complete it.
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