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OP, I can hear what you're saying. I was myself a huge fan of Seagal in the early nineties. I grew up on his films, as much as on Van Damme's, Sly's and Arnold's. I was already into martial arts at the time I saw Nico (Above the Law), but he inspired me to become a better fighter and I even started Aikido as well. I would copy some of his moves during the training sessions, which were VERY effective.

I still believe that despite the weight, he is a true master of his art. People mock him but few would dare do it in his face. Like the previous poster who called him a cunt.

Recently, he taught this kick (see post above) to two MMA fighters. I believe one of them used it to knock out cold Randy Couture. He may not be as fast as he used to be, or as impressive, but his knowledge as a 7th degree black belt in Aikido must be huge. The guy has been breathing martial arts for the last 45 years. He deserves respect for this. Plus he's done a lot for the animal cause.

But for the movies, yeah... it's truly terrible what he's become. He clearly does not care about his fans, or his career at this point. It basically pays his bills, and he couldn't care less about everything else. I still catch some of his DTV stuff nowadays, but I never pay a cent for it. The last good surprise came with Urban Justice in 2007. It was a low-budget return to the good old times of Nico, Marked For Death and Out for Justice. But I do not believe one second he'll make one more good film. It's sad. But as an ex-fan, you can only accept this and move on.

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