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The technology doesn't change fast enough to justify a new game roughly every two years. And besides, when there is a remake of a film with updated technology, people always bitch about it - "Why are the effects in CGI instead of stop motion like in the original!!!". So that sounds like a big double standard to me.

Moreover, the gameplay mechanics in MK series have evolved very slowly. Mostly it's just the same old shit in a new package.

You're avoiding a large majority of my point. Games and movies are consumed much differently. It's the disposability factor we're talking about here, and video games have that. They are played until they are beaten, then generally not again. You may as well be comparing the daily crossword puzzles to movies, or board games to movies, or football games to movies.

"What? You don't like movie sequels? Well don't I see you doing the crossword every day? That seems awfully hypocritical. Games are just like movies and something to be revisited time and time again! Why do you need that new crossword puzzle when you have yesterday's? It's almost a classic and should be cherished! Hahahaha. See? Same thing as movies!"

And people do bitch about technology in video games, while some people don't bitch about technology in movies. That's an aesthetic quality that's beside the point about gameplay. It isn't like people buy a new Mortal Kombat game because they want to see if they improved the bitmapping of Scorpio's crotch. They buy a new one because they beat the last one. People see sequels for a new story, not to see if the special effects are better.

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