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We got this caribbean fella living next door, you know the type who likes shouting "bloodclot" a lot... i wish he'd fucking get one because i wanna take him out into the woods in the middle of the night and cut his tongue off. Thats how noisy he is, i think he might have a hearing problem or something with the way he shouts at everything and everyone.

Him and his missus argue almost constantly and its not the sort of heated adult arguing, its fucking full blown shouting and from what ive gathered, he gets really jealous as soon as she goes out to have a bit of fun and he has to stay home to babysit... oh yea! did i mention these fucksticks had a child ? No ? Well they do and to top it off they are planning on getting married...

Why get married if you're in a relationship like that ???... why the hell even get a kid ? abort that future damien-to-be and keep your carbon footprint in check!

Its not all about the shouting either that really fucks me off, its the way they sprint up and down the damn stairs or how they slam their fucking doors constantly and really god damn loud too. Then theres ofcourse the weed smoking and the stench that goes with it and the god damn braindead jungle music.

It gets worse, his mate moved into the flat across the street sometime ago so now they are noisy together. People have been complaining about them but the landlord seems to be a bit of pussy so instead people who have been living here for a good 5 years are now moving out.

Wish we could move out but its not that simple in a city with a massive shortage of affordable 2 bedroom acommodations and we need that 2nd bedroom for my partners daughter. I could write a note i guess but much like some of the above posters, we're the sort of people who like to just stick to ourselves and mind our own business and we dont wanna cause hassle.
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